Hats & Accessories

19th Century Hats & Bonnets

Bonnets were still fashionable in the 1860s, although smaller than the styles of the earlier decades. Kelly (left) models a white spoon bonnet with colorful trimmings, showing the distinctive shape from the side and front views. Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing makes bonnets like these in the traditional manner, covering a wired buckram frame with fabrics and trims, all applied by hand. We can make a similar bonnet for you!

20th Century Hats

(Right) This lovely lightweight straw hat is a fashionable summery style from about 1919. Trimmed with contrasting feathers and a silk hatband, it’s reinforced with wire and an inner frame.


Bonnets and hats are designed using original from period drawings, patterns, and photos. Each is created by building a wire and buckram frame which is covered in fashion fabric and decorative ribbons and trims.

We can custom-make many other beautiful styles for you. Please contact us with your ideas!