Programs & Consulting

Learn more! Clothing history is fascinating – and fun. In over 30 years as the designer and researcher for Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing, I have learned so much. Over the years I have presented stories, pictures, and examples of fashions from history. Whether it’s an afternoon teatime program, a daylong class, or a historic immersion weekend, I would love to help you discover the romance and human connection to the people of the past – through their clothing.

I can bring a Lavender’s Green program to your group or historic site. Here are some titles I have presented:

Short programs and fashion talks (one to two hours):

Pioneer Clothing

Civil War Era Fashions

From the Skin Out – What They Were Wearing Underneath

Improving Your Impressions

The Clothing of our Past

Hands-on workshops and classes (half-day to two days):

Hem Facings

Make Do and Mend

Your Everyday Apron


Draft Your Own Edwardian Collar Pattern

A Simple Sewing Case for Travel

Crowning Glories: Millinery Techniques

Customized programs:

I can work with your site to create a customized program for your staff and volunteers. Let’s talk about your local history, your plans for costumed interpretation, and your goals. I am in northwest Oregon, but I have traveled throughout the state to present my programs; I can present through an online format, or we can discuss travel to your site as time and budgets permit.

The 1909 School:

This is my own pet project, based on my very favorite year in fashion history. By 1909 the world was about to change forever, but for just a few years during the Edwardian Era, American women seemed to have everything going for them. In many states, women were already voting, and public opinion was turning toward the idea of universal women’s suffrage. The new craftsman-style houses featured simple, open floor plans and built-in nooks. There were modern conveniences: telephones, automobiles, and even washing machines! There were clothes for all occasions, from sports to careers to elegant dinner parties; the styles seemed to make every woman look elegant. Popular women’s magazines brought the wider world to your living room or front porch. Through the workshops of The 1909 School, I have tried to capture the essence of that hopeful time to share with my students. (We have not met in person since 2020, but I hope that we will revive the program soon.)