A Regency Picnic

We were dressed for a day in the country... in 1810!

We were dressed for a day in the country… in 1810!

One reason that I first became involved in making replica clothing was so that I could help create the romance and beauty of the past for people living today. Sometimes it all comes together in a perfect afternoon!

The food we brought traveled well: pickled vegetables, small meat pies, fresh cherries, and cool water.

Pittnick 2012-009

Pittnick 2012-005




It was a perfect day to be outdoors! I understand that our climate in the Pacific Northwest is similar to that of England. I like to imagine that Jane Austen’s contemporaries might have enjoyed a similar day wearing similar fashions.

There was more to this day than just our picnic! The event was coordinated by the Oregon Regency Society; our friends and companions were equally equipped for an afternoon of pleasure.

This picnic has become an annual tradition. We have come to expect a game of graces!

All of the dresses, bonnets and underpinnings for our little group of ladies were made by Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing. But it takes more than just the clothing to create a day like this. We were fortunate to be able to gather on the grounds of the lovely Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. The Oregon Regency Society has members who, like us, appreciate the quality and style of authentic clothing, food, and manners. And of course, an Oregon summer afternoon gave us fresh air and balmy temperatures for our Regency picnic.