About Kay Demlow

Kay Demlow is the owner, designer, and dressmaker of Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing, a home-based studio in Hillsboro, Oregon. She creates and presents interpretive programs and fashion shows. The business began with a love of the craft of fine sewing and a deep appreciation of historic preservation. Kay has created authentic reproduction clothing for historic sites, pageants, Oregon Trail wagon train travelers, media productions, theaters, and living history reenactments.

Kay Demlow is active in local and national historical groups. She is a member of the Hillsboro Historical Society, the Washington County History Roundtable, Restore Oregon, the Association of Living History Farms and Agricultural Museums, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Kay is a member of the Oregon Regency Society and a co-founder of the Edwardian Society of Oregon. She not only studies and sews historic clothing; she dresses the part at historic events
throughout the year.