Corsets & Undergarments

Along with dresses and bonnets, you will need proper underpinnings for an authentic appearance. Lavender’s Green makes chemises, drawers, petticoats, and corsets. At right is one of our styles: the 1850s corset is shaped by gussets at the hip and bust line, while the 1860s style is shaped by the use of curved panels. Corsets start are custom designed in natural colored cotton drill fabric. Corsets made of fine white cotton Coutil or other fabrics, or corsets with lace or braid trims, will be higher priced.

1850–60s Corsets

Suzannah, at left, is modeling a typical 1860s shelf-style corset in a restored room at the historic 1849 Monteith House in Albany, Oregon. She is wearing it over a cotton chemise and cotton drawers. The chemise and drawers could be washed frequently, with fresh ones daily. The corset would only need to be laundered every few months, helping extend its life. Even so, corsets wore out frequently due to the strain put on them in daily wear.

Here is a close-up of the corset shown in a front view. You’ll notice that this shelf style has no “cups.” If you need more bust support for an 1860s impression, be sure to specify the Basic 1860s Corset. It gives more coverage and more support.

Here is the corset in a partial side view. We use white steel boning throughout except at the sides, where we use a spiral steel boning instead. This allows for the curves that you will create when you tighten it to your figure.

The back view of the 1860s corset shows the lacing pattern and the way you can cross the ties when you adjust the corset. Note that there is a “spread” of a few inches. Those two edges should be 2″ – 4″ apart and roughly parallel if the corset fits you properly. When you order a corset from Lavender’s Green, we will cut it specifically to your measurements so it will fit you well in length and circumference.

1900 Corsets

Fancy brocade fabric and lace trim make this a fancy corset from about 1900. A hook holds down the laces in the front so the long ties and bow don’t show through the often-flat-front dresses of the Edwardian era.

We can custom-make many other beautiful styles for you. Please contact us with your ideas!