Edwardian Period & World War I

Edwardian (1900–1910)

The early twentieth century is one of my favorite time periods! I belong to the local chapter of The Ladies’ Tea Guild, and also volunteer at events in my area, like the annual Friends of Historic Forest Grove Garden Tour. In 2006 I wore the light blue linen day dress, circa 1910, while my cousin Kelly wore separates in summer fabrics. (See us together at right.)

In 2005, Kelly and my daughter Suzannah and I wore lingerie dresses while we served as garden “hostesses.” In the image below (from left to right), I am wearing a tucked and trimmed replica of a dress from around 1907-08. Suzannah, in the middle, is wearing a simple style from 1910. It was inspired by an antique dress in my collection (shown in inset) that was originally worn by a younger girl. I copied the tucking details, neckline and skirt style but made it longer, suiting her age. Kelly, on the right, is wearing an afternoon dress from around 1903, trimmed with diamond-shaped inserts of lace. All of us are wearing flowered hats of the era made by Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing.

We had a lot of fun at the garden tour! When you are wearing authentic pieces that fit well and are meticulously copied from the time period, then you can interpret the era faithfully. In the three images above, Kelly is dressed for 1910 “from the skin out,” so that her posture, the drape of her skirts, and even her movements capture the look of a “Gibson Girl,” bringing that long-ago time to life for the garden visitors.

Shown at right is another view of Suzannah in the 1910 lingerie dress and oversized Edwardian hat. The Settlemier House, built in 1892, is a beautiful setting for authentic period dresses.

1910s Evening Gowns & Dinner Dresses

Layered Dinner Dress (drawing below left), Soft black nylon netting or sheer black silk georgette, with black lace, over jewel-toned china silk.

Kimono Sleeve Evening Gown (center drawing): Soft white silk georgette layered over-dyed or white china silk. (Additional georgette layers, beading, or lace can be added at an additional charge.)

Dinner Dress with Bretelles and Skirt Drapery (drawing right), Tucked bretelles at shoulders over soft lace sleeves, while layers of silk georgette form a graceful draped skirt.

Here are some lovely friends of ours in several variations on the 1912 Gowns. Anne (middle back) wears the Dinner Dress with bretelles in peach silk georgette. Austin and Lezlie (left and middle front) are wearing the Kimono Sleeve Dress in dark green and rose silks, with sleeve and trim variations. Rachel (right) is wearing a 1910 Day Dress from my printed catalog.

There were so many beautiful evening gowns shown during this time period! The McCall’s magazine cover illustration (at right) is just one of many inspirations for our authentic reproduction designs.

We can custom-make many other beautiful styles for you. Please contact us with your ideas!