Custom-Made Clothing Styles & Products

Suzannah models an elaborate summer straw hat trimmed with birds, roses, and ruched silk from about 1903.

Lavender’s Green offers creative and quality-made clothing for women, men, and children typical of the styles worn circa 1776 to 1945. View photos of Lavender’s Green creations plus the historic resources that inspired them.  We can create similar results for you!

Each garment carefully researched

We make meticulously researched, period-appropriate dresses, ball gowns, coats, hats, bonnets, and undergarments, including corsets. We use natural fibers wherever possible to create authentic replicas of the romantic styles of the past.

Each garment is made to dressmaker standards, one at a time, customized for fit, color, and style. We sell directly to you through our catalog, by individual orders, and at selected trade shows and historic events in the Pacific Northwest. Most orders require from four to eight weeks lead time, and at least a 50% deposit before work begins.

We are happy to work long-distance if provided clear instructions and accurate measurements.

Please contact us with any questions!

If you are interested in ready-to-wear garments made with the same standards of quality and authenticity, visit our Etsy shop! We may have something in your size for your era.